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Nathan Studtmann expanded his family's home building business First Galena Corporation to include golf performance studios.  The experience and background Nathan and his team have with design, construction and golf allow them to help clients from start to finish when building a golf simulator or studio.

Nathan's Background:

  • Graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program at Ferris State University
  • PGA Member Since 2005
  • Designed and built his own golf performance studio
  • Owns and operates his own golf instruction and club fitting business
  • Designs simulators and studios with Matt Atkins and IO Sports Solutions / Golf By Design
  • Has designed and built hundreds of system-built homes using either modular or panelized construction

Below are the services and products we can help you with. We can assist you with a simple golf mat purchase or the services needed to build a state-of-the-art studio.


Consulting Services

One of the hardest parts of every project is getting started and moving in the right direction. If you have never been involved in a golf simulator or studio project, there are a lot of things you need to know to make sure everything comes together as planned. This is where we can offer consulting services starting with a site visit with an initial design all the way to the complete build out.

Design Services

Whether you are building a golf simulator in your basement or a 4-bay golf performance studio for your academy, we have the design capabilities to help. All designs are completely custom to fit your space and equipment needs.

Full Golf Simulators /
Studio Buildouts

We have teamed up with Matt Atkins and IO Sports Solutions / Golf By Design to offer the highest quality materials and products for golf simulators and studios.

Travel Trailer
Golf Studios

Take your golf instruction or club fitting business anywhere. This design is the most versatile studio on the market today.

Modular Mobile
Golf Studios

Originally designed for teaching professionals to setup golf studios on facilities that do not have year-round instruction capabilities.

Modular Permanent
Golf Studios

If you do not need the studio to be mobile, we can still use all the advantages of modular construction and build you a studio that is a permanent structure.

Golf Studios

A system-built construction type where the walls and roof are engineered into panels and put together on site to help with shipping.