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Originally designed for teaching professionals to set up golf studios on facilities that do not have year-round instruction capabilities. With the studio being mobile it gives the teaching professional the option to purchase the studio and take it with them if they decide to leave. We have found that this concept also works great for homeowners, bars, restaurants, sports complexes, or anyone who wants a golf simulator but does not have the space inside their home or building. They can set a modular golf studio on their property and if they were to ever sell their property, they have the option of moving the studio or making it part of the sale.

  • Single bay and double bay designs
  • Built with a trailer that is integrated into floor system
  • Ships as oversized load
  • Typical site setup is on piers
  • May be considered an accessory structure in some areas
  • Fully insulated
  • Equipped with PTAC unit for heating and cooling
  • Optional stacking door system to be able to hit outdoors
  • Equipped with the technology of your choice
  • Many interior and exterior finish options
  • Possible leasing options

Golf Performance Studios

Single & Double Bay

Take your golf instruction or club fitting business anywhere. This design is the most versatile studio on the market today. You have so many options on where you can setup such as driving ranges, parking lots, outings, festivals, parties or anywhere you can get a trailer into. Can also be designed as an accessory structure for residential homes that have square footage restrictions for permitting.

  • Built to travel trailer specifications which makes studio very versatile
  • Can be pulled with a large pickup truck
  • Fold down door
  • Can hit into studio or out onto a driving range
  • Fully insulated
  • Optional generator
  • Optional signage
  • Possible leasing options

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